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National and International projects

  • Leonardo Da Vinci project (nr. 5172 / 96): “ORESTIS - Research of Needs and Vocational Training Methods referred to Junevile Offenders and Juneviels in Danger”. Employer: dept. of Justice, AUTh, sci. resp. prof. E. Symeonidou-Kastanidou. 
  • Project «Odysseia», Action «Seirines», Greek Ministry of Education: «Perivallon – Multidisciplinary multimedia educational software for Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Technology for Secondary Education». Scientific responsible prof. A. Pombortsis, Aristotle Univ. Of Thessaloniki.
  • Project “NOW – New Opportunities for Women”. “Ergani” center – Project NOW. Sci. resp. prof. Z. Chronaki-Michou.
  • IST project “MathIND – Balkan and Eastern European Network of Excellence for the Diffusion of Mathematics for Industry Expertise”, IST program nr. 2000-26015, scien. resp. prof. G. Bleris.
  • Project “Construction and Evaluation of the Internetworked Infrastructure of the ATEI Thessaloniki”, scien. resp. ass. prof. I. Stamelos.
  • Network of Excellence “Kaleidoscope”, Jointly Executed Research Project (JERP): “Interaction between learner’s internal and external representations in multimedia environments”, scien. resp. prof. G. Bleris.
  • Project “Central Action”, A.U.Th., code. 21.323, project "Center for Educational Support”, scien. resp. prof. I.Vlahavas.
  • Project “Vocational Training in ICT – Interactive Learning”, scien. resp. ass. prof. I. Stamelos.
  • Project "Quality methods for contemporary programing techniques" (Archimedes / EPEAEK), ATEI Thessaloniki, Greece.


Deliverables of some of the above presented projects, as well as some private works.

Multimedia title about first aid in ships that are at see.
Multimedia title about 2 chapters of physics for children of basic education
Multimedia title. Computer based learning-CBL. It teaches the manipulation of a photocopy-shop to young offenders. With exercises.
Multimedia title for high-school education. I had no participation in its developement, but only in its evaluation.
Multimedia title, presenting the bathroom furniture of the firma. Has been presented during the "Infacoma 98" exibition.
Multimedia title, presenting the TongYang tractors the firma sells. Has been presented during the "Agrotica 99" exibition.
Multimedia title. Presents in CD the book "How to start your own business" of the "Ergani"-center.

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Various Works

Here you'll find information about other various works I've done:

My brother Agis and I had a short cooperation with the newspaper "Aggelioforos on Sunday"
My very first work with computers: school newspaper "Enimerosi".
My cooperation with the firm POLYmedia, as a consultant. It deals with Multimedia, Graphics and Internet.